EXCLUSIVE! ‘The Valleys’ star Chidgey talks “strange” relationship with Carley

The page you’ve requested can not be displayed. It appears you’ve missed your intended destination, either through a bad or outdated link, or a typo in the page you were hoping to reach. It returned for series 2 on 30 April. Before the series began, it was announced that twin brothers Anthony and Jason would be added to the cast. On 23 April, a week before series 2 began, a special episode entitled ” The Valleys:. Filthy Bits ” aired, which featured the best bits from series 1. The cast member was revealed to be Jack Watkins, a year-old stripper.

‘The Valleys’ preview: Chidgey’s ex-girlfriend Natalee arrives

The Valleys is back! And they’re taking Valleywood nights on tour! A new stripper housemate joins the ranks with the other young hopefuls as they continue in their quest for fame and fortune From Rhymney to Tonyrefail and Tredegar, stuck in humdrum and unexciting jobs, these kids have big career ambitions beyond Wales. The Valleys plucks them from obscurity and thrusts them into the limelight, where they live in a house kitted out with a cutch-hut and cameras, to see if they succeed amidst the hustle and bustle of Cardiff city.

They are Aron Williams, Carley Belmonte, Darren Chidgey, Jenna Jonathan, Lateysha Grace, Leeroy Reed, Liam Powell, Natalee Harris and.

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Natalee decides not to go to work because she would rather stay in bed with Anthony which rattles all the girls and AK is not impressed — she sends all the girls back to Cardiff to get her. The girls take part in an ice cream themed photo shoot in the freezing cold and AK thinks that they have what it takes to make it as glamour models. Chidgey tries to pull anyone and everyone but manages to push all the girls away apart from Jenna whilst Anthony and Natalee spend another night together.

Chidgey has not tweeted since However, Carley doesn’t give too much away on social media but what is clear is that she’s seriously loved up and in The couple are also expecting their first child together in October.

The Valleys will see the arrival of a new roommate in tonight’s episode October 2. New girl Natalee Harris causes shock and surprise when she reveals to her first greeter Aron that her ex-boyfriend is none other than Darren Chidgey. Aron asks: “You’re not somebody’s ex-girlfriend or something are you? You’re not Chidgey’s ex-girlfriend are you?

Chidgey finally spots his former partner after the news quickly spreads around the house. Natalee’s arrival also receives a negative reaction from Jenna, who had been getting close with Chidgey. Jenna says: “She’s being really nasty to him. I wouldn’t be like that to him…it’s not fair on him.

The Valleys, Season 3

There’s a bit more lesbie friend kissing and a lot more drama on the latest episode of MTV’s The Valleys. MTV’s The Valleys is back with another episode pushing the boundaries of taste, decency and the stuffed animal cruelty act. After the carnage in Liverpool the kids are back in Cardiff to pick up the pieces of a divided house. With best friends Lateysha and Nicole at loggerheads, Jordan calls a meeting to make peace and takes the tricky decision to allow Nicole back into the house.

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The ‘reality’ show ran from to and was billed as the Welsh version of Geordie Shore, following the lives of a group of ‘lucky’ youngsters brought from the South Wales Valleys to Cardiff to “live out their dreams”. While she never did succeed with her career in music after filming ended she’s continued to try make her name on other reality shows. She has made headlines for her surgery – having her bum enlarged three times as well as liposuction, face contouring and breast implants.

Lateysha also has her own YouTube channel where you can keep up to date with her journey. There were reportedly talks to bring The Valleys back – and Lateysha was one of those rumoured to be taking part. The support worker starred in all three series of The Valleys and has also gone on to appear in Just Tattoo of Us and Celebrity Botched Up Bodies in because of a boob job.

She did have a range of tanning products, however she now has a dating site called Natalee Loves. The Pontypool girl was in a long-term relationship with fellow Valleys star Anthony Suminski after their time on the show, but the pair split in

Carley and chidgey dating 2014

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After growing closer to Chidgey in Liverpool Carley thinks she’s falling for him again, but it’s not long before Chidge has upset her by chatting.

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Chidgey’s Penis Problems – The Valleys, Season 2 | MTV

Never forget. Probably the biggest success story of the bunch, Lateysha landed herself a spot in the Big Brother house and didn’t receive a single nomination – she only got booted out because of a twist in the show. It’s hard to figure out what Carley’s doing these days because she doesn’t give too much away on social media. What is clear is that she’s seriously loved up and in a happy relationship, still loves a night out with the girls, and seems to have downsized her hair a little bit which is probably for the best.

And although she’s found love elsewhere, Carley and Chidgey are still pretty close by the looks of things – they tweeted each other just a couple of days ago. Yay, happy endings.

Chidgey asks Carley to be his girlfriend, and a rejected Jack sees comfort in the Where to Watch? Series 3-Episode 6. Jenna celebrates her 23rd birthday.

Jump to navigation. Who will make it back and will they make it? Have they done enough to secure their place in series 2? Bunny boiler Natalee came back to give model in training Chidgey an ultimatum, come back to the valleys with her or be a single boy in Cardiff pursuing his dreams. What a choice! It seems the lure of love won and the two of them left with AK vowing not to let either of them back to work for her. Has time weakened her resolve?

Unfortunately, its bad news for resident kick boxer Aron who is gutted to hear from Valleys boss Jordan that he cannot take him any further career wise.

Sex Slaves – The Valleys