‘The Crown’s Alex Jennings & ‘Lost in Austen’s Jemima Rooper Join BBC Drama ‘Gold Digger’

If your Netflix queue needs a boost of the fantastical variety, allow us to introduce you to the streaming giant’s upcoming series: Cursed. Likened to a cross between Game of Thrones and The Hunger Games with a healthy dash of Lord of the Rings , this book-turned-TV-show is already attracting significant buzz online. Here, we unpack everything you need to know about Cursed , from the plot to the premiere and everything in between. Adapted from the best-selling fantasy novel of the same name by Thomas Wheeler, and illustrated by Frank Miller, Netflix’s synopsis describes the story as:. Sounds promising, right? Naturally, no epic tale is complete without some elements of surprise and an adventurous quest or two , which the second half of the synopsis confirms will feature in the series:. Over the course of her journey, Nimue will become a symbol of courage and rebellion against the terrifying Red Paladins, and their complicit King Uther. Check out the trailer below for a preview of what’s to come. American-Australian actor and relative newcomer Devon Terrell who previously played a young Barack Obama in the biographical film Barry will take on the role of Arthur.

Alex Jennings, Sebastian Armesto and Jemima Rooper join Gold Digger cast

So now he is there, he arrived yesterday and he will leave on the 25th and he is in room , all alone… I might visit him at night :. Ok ok so I did some digging because there were promotional character portraits made for Cursed and look at sebby here! This absolute dork! I found these on Fanpop.

and features Katherine Langford,Sebastian Armesto and Lily Newmark. Netflix stopped short of confirming the exact premiere date at this.

Calamity here. I write, I draw, and I have an unmanageable amount of feelings about fictional characters. But I got curious. So I started digging, and I found…. Not in great detail. A quick note on accuracy. I tried my best.

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The advice was harsh but clear, and Aziz ignored it. Now he lies in jail on a charge of sexual assault. Multi award-winning ensemble, simple8, transport us to Imperial India, conjuring up the elephants and caves, courthouses and temples with the simplest and boldest means — including original music played live on stage by legendary composer Kuljit Bhamra. Full of humour and rich humanity, but with vast philosophical and political scope, A Passage to India is one of the great novels of the Twentieth Century.

Directors Sebastian Armesto and Simon Dormandy. A Small Mind at the Theatre.

Human monster Davis uses date of wedding anniversary as excuse to reunite David Thewlis, Xavier Samuel, Sebastian Armesto, Rafe Spall, Edward Hogg.

See the gallery. Looking for something to watch? Choose an adventure below and discover your next favorite movie or TV show. Sign In. Down 1, this week. Sebastian Armesto born 3 June is an English film, television and theatre actor. He is the son of the historian Felipe Fernandez-Armesto. He was educated at Eton College. Armesto has acted in high-profile theatre productions in Britain, including three shows at the National Theatre and one at the Royal Court.

Who plays King Uther Pendragon in Cursed? – Sebastian Armesto

There was a time when brash romantic comedies ruled the cinema screens. The Homerton-based filmmaker has just released his debut feature Dead Cat , about two childhood sweethearts who chance upon each other at the start of their thirties. Dead Cat is the story of Michael and Kristen, who have taken very different paths in life since they last knew each other. With only a bunch of dysfunctional friends as allies, Michael and Kristen seek to discover whether this second bite of the romantic cherry is anything more than mere nostalgia.

Much of the film is shot around Shoreditch, where Bern and the production team used to work making corporate films and music videos until the financial crisis hit. Since starting work on the film in , some of the cast have already made names for themselves: Sebastian Armesto was the lead in Star Wars 7 and Tom Mison has made a name for himself in the Fox series Sleepy Hollow.

I mention this for one reason and one reason only: I now cannot stop thinking of Sebastian Armesto’s snarky, moody Mr. Des Voeux as a.

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Run Time: U.S. Release Date: MPAA Rating: “R” (Sexual Content, Profanity, Nudity, Violence) Genre: DRAMA Director: Fernando Meirelles.

Sebastian Armesto co-founded simple8 and has co-adapted, written and directed all of their work to date. He has also directed opera at the Tete-a-Tete festival and the Edinburgh Fringe. He recently completed his first feature film For Grace. Sebastian trained and works as an actor. Christopher is a co-founding member of simple8, and has produced all seven shows for the company, also performing in Les Enfants du Paradis, The Four Stages of Cruelty, The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari and The Texas Sharpshooter.

Dudley is a founding member of simple8. Caligari, and co-wrote Les Enfants du Paradis. Dudley is a producer and general manager with Richard Darbourne Ltd www. Emily is a co-founding member of simple8. She has also recorded numerous audiobooks, and a Radio 4 play The Franchise Affair.

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Born and raised in England, Sebastian Armesto has a successful acting career with numerous hit movies and television series. He holds British nationality and belongs to Caucasian White ethnicity. Sebastian Armesto initially started performing in theatrical plays. Armesto made his acting debut appearing in a comedy family film A Feast at Midnight. The year was turned out to be a hectic as well as a more successful year for him.

Find the editorial stock photo of Sebastian Armesto Clive Lucas, and more photos in the Shutterstock collection of editorial photography. s of new photos.

When you first meet Patrick he has a high sense of duty towards his wife, his mother and his children. However, over the course of the drama his duty and loyalties get seriously tested. Patrick is tested when his mother brings home her new boyfriend, a man many years her junior. Seb reveals how his character reacts to the news. It brings up bad memories of an incident that occurred years ago. His default position to anything that is new or out of his quite highly structured life is met with distrust.

The openness and comfort in his own skin that Benjamin seems to have is quite enviable to Patrick, so whilst of course his dislike of Benjamin comes partially out of a sense of protectiveness for his mother, it also stems from a place of envy and wishing he could be a little bit more like that. So in a way, having spent the past year investing so much time in his mum, Patrick feels like her new relationship with Benjamin is a little bit like a betrayal for him.

A Passage to India

The updated take on the Arthurian legend includes some of folklore’s most famous figures. By Patrick Cremona. A new take on the Arthurian Legend has arrived on Netflix, centred around a reimagined version of the Lady of the Lake played by 13 Reasons Why star Katherine Langford. Many of the characters that feature in Cursed are versions of some of the most famous figures in folklore, including King Arthur and Merlin, and they are joined by an extensive list of supporting players that may be slightly less familiar to audiences.

Read on for descriptions of all the major players, as well as the actors who will be playing them.

Actor Sebastian Armesto attends the premiere of ‘Anonymous’ during TABLOID NEWSPAPERS UNTIL 48 HOURS AFTER CREATE DATE.

Netflix’s upcoming original series Cursed is a retelling of the Arthurian legend, and while it’s definitely not the first time the story’s been told, the new series is completely different. Previously, the legend of King Arthur has been told from a man’s perspective, focusing on Arthur himself. This time around, creators Tom Wheeler who wrote Puss in Boots and Empire and Frank Miller best known for Sin City and decided to switch things up by telling the story from a woman’s perspective — specifically, 13 Reasons Why star Katherine Langford as Nimue.

A social outcast, Nimue is forced to repress her magic until, one day, her entire village is slaughtered and her dying mother tasks her with reuniting the Sword of Power known as Excalibur’s Sword in other retellings of the Arthurian legend with sorcerer Merlin in order to save the United Kingdom. Along the way, she meets a “roguish mercenary,” Arthur, who joins her journey, and what ensues is a dark adventure.

Netflix is releasing the series this spring, though the exact date is still a mystery. The magical premise is based on a book, also titled Cursed , written and illustrated by Tom Wheeler and Frank Miller, respectively. Keep reading to find out who’ll be starring on Netflix’s new series Cursed. View On One Page. Photo 0 of 9. Previous Next Start Slideshow. Netflix Katherine Langford TV. Around The Web.

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